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Research suggests that adequate preparation and having realistic expectations of an adoption are identified as significant family factors influencing the success of adoptions. Research also suggests that families who utilise particular parenting strategies and attitudes, report better outcomes with children. The type and degree of support received by the adoptive family in the form of pre and post placement services and broader community and family support are also key predictors of success.

We have developed a large library of information that seeks to make applicants for intercountry adoption aware of the support that is available to them and pointing them to key information to assist them in their preparation in a condensed, usable format.

Some of the key areas of details we can provide are how to access support networks, join forums and watch videos by specialists in the field. We also have  information on which books would be good to read and have a library with the ability to lend books from our library. We also have information on new and significant developments in the field.

If you would like any of this information, please contact us.

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