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Commentary on what happens to adoptive parents' records:


The treatment of information is core to intercountry adoption. ‘Compassion for Orphans’ ensures information is clearly communicated, kept confidential and preserved for the future. All legislative and regulative requirements regarding the treatment of information are observed.

‘Compassion for Orphans’ ensures that information held concerning the child’s origin, in particular information concerning the identity of his or her parents, as well as the medical history, is preserved. [Hague Convention Article 30]

Adoption case file records are archived and after twenty-five years will be transferred to the New Zealand Central Authority to be permanently archived.

‘Compassion for Orphans’ takes copies of all key documents pertaining to the particulars of a child and his or her family. At the same time as those key documents are filed in a secure manner, ‘Compassion for Orphans’ ensures that the New Zealand Central Authority receives a duplicate set of key documents, also in a secure manner, as a back up copy in the unlikely event of any key documents becoming lost.

Should ‘Compassion for Orphans’ ever lose New Zealand Central Authority accreditation under the Adoption (Intercountry) Act (1997), or should ‘Compassion for Orphans’ ever dissolve, ‘Compassion for Orphans’ will ensure the disposition and preservation of its records, and information concerning retrieval, and will transfer the case file records to the New Zealand Central Authority in a timely and efficient manner.

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