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It is ‘Compassion for Orphans’ policy to take all feedback seriously, no matter whether, on presentation, the matter appears relatively trivial. All compliments will be received graciously and feedback passed on to all ‘Compassion for Orphans’ staff members. All improvement ideas will be thoroughly evaluated and either implemented or declined.

‘Compassion for Orphans’ welcomes all complaints made as they provide an opportunity to improve a client relationship and are a potential source of quality improvement ideas. All complaints will be investigated by the Principal Officer of ‘Compassion for Orphans’ and such investigations will be completed promptly and aim to resolve all complaints within one month of receipt.

‘Compassion for Orphans’ preference is for complaints to be presented formally, in writing. There are occasions, however, where it would be insensitive or inappropriate to ask the complainant to formulate a written complaint. When staff members receive a complaint by phone or face to face, they will ask whether it is a formal complaint or simply feedback. Where it is simply feedback, it may be easily resolved informally e.g. a simple misunderstanding or miscommunication. Where the complainant wishes to lodge a formal complaint, they will be encouraged to put it in writing (hardcopy or email), and they will be sent details of our complaints procedure, but will be advised that the complaint can be accepted verbally if that is preferred.

‘Compassion for Orphans’ maintains a complaints register. The register provides a record of all complaints received along with investigation made into the complaint, the outcome of the investigation of the complaint and any resolution. Finalised complaints remain on our files even after they are resolved.

Any and all complaints about ‘Compassion for Orphans’ staff, management, overseas representatives or independent contractors will be given a high priority.

‘Compassion for Orphans’ accepts all complaints as a means of scrutinising policies and practices to ensure we achieve the highest possible standards of performance and behaviour in all our work.

If a ‘Compassion for Orphans’ staff member is the subject of a complaint they will be kept informed of all allegations, and the conclusions and recommendations from the complaints process.

Applicants are informed of their rights to make complaints at the time of first referral.

The formal process for making a complaint is:

Step 1.

Complainant makes complaint to ‘Compassion for Orphans’, preferably in writing.

Step 2.

Complainant then receives initial acknowledgement of complaint, and an undertaking from ‘Compassion for Orphans’ to respond formally within 30 days. During this period, co-operate with any questions and/research into the matter.

Step 3.

Complainant receives formal response from ‘Compassion for Orphans’.

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