One of the main objectives of Compassion for Orphans is to make the cost of adoption as low as possible. We constantly challenge every cost in the process. Below is a summary of the current estimated costs of adopting from Chile and Thailand.

The amounts can only be estimates due to the nature of intercountry adoption (i.e. delays, unexpected law changes at short notice, longer stays required, currency fluctuations, low/high season price variations, etc).

The estimated costs listed below are fully transparent and based on a "user pays" principle.

* Based on 1 child.

** If using the accredited agency Adoption First Steps, you will need to add their charges.

*** Includes psychologist's report

**** service is usually provided by the Chilean Central Authority however where this is not available a charge for private legal representation will apply (in the region of $1500)

***** The Thai Government accepts dossiers in English. However, if you wish to provide translation of some of the main document, allow NZ$2,300.