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Alkes Ioannou


  • Chief Executive

  • Board Trustee


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Child Advocacy (Otago University)

  • Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (Victoria University)

Alkes is the Chief Executive of Compassion for Orphans and is responsible for the management and oversight of day to day operations, service delivery, and the support and guidance for applicants through the adoption programme.

Alkes’ interest in intercountry adoption dates back to 1996 with the adoption of his seven year old daughter from Russia.

Moved by the plight of orphans that were left behind, the Lord Jesus’ commandment to help orphans in trouble and a desire to make intercountry adoption available to New Zealand families of average means, Alkes developed a strong desire to respond and as a result of this desire founded ‘Compassion for Orphans’.

Alkes holds a BCA from Victoria University and his business background in chartered accountancy specialising in business advisory services provides him with a solid understanding of the importance and value of good governance, as well as operational and financial management for an organisation of this type.

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